Drinks available at the Holy Hobo

Here at Holy Hobo, we provide nothing but the best Beers, Cocktails, Coffee’s, Classics, and Modern Twists!

We’re constantly updating our menu and changing things based on feedback so there’ll always be something old, something new, something fantastical, and something blue!

The Hobo Loves Students!


The Beer in our bespoke tanks travels all the way from the brewery in Budweis, Czech Republic once a week, directly to the Holy Hobo so that you lucky people can enjoy what is truly the best premium lager around.

It is a live, unpasteurized product, meaning that our beer has had nothing at all added to the liquid after brewing so that it’s as fresh as it can possibly be, with its flavour developing further throughout its stay in our tanks.


Here are a collection of the craft beers that we have on offer at The Holy Hobo!

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brewdog logo wild beer co lagunitas           tiny rebel beer


Why not wash down some of our fantastic food with some of the best craft cans that Britain can offer….

View our full drinks menu to see all the craft cans we have on offer!

craft beer   craft beer         


Some of the best drinks you’ll ever witness are crafted right before your eyes in our bar. All served with top-notch liquor and served with style.

Whether you feel like an Espresso Martini, NY Cosmo, or something fantastic and out of this world like a Bubblegum Daiquiri, perfect for all the adult children out there.

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