Located within the heart of Jesmond, the Holy Hobo is a Mecca of Good Vibes, a place of worship when you want great food and a good pint, and a place where you can make yourself the most comfortable.

When we say there’s truly nothing like Holy┬áHobo, we’re not just saying that to catch your eye, it’s said with gusto and bravado because we’re confident in the fact that Holy Hobo represents and provides that feel-good feeling that can only be compared to when you see your crush, the moment when you take off your shoes after a long day, or finally slip into those warm and soft PJ’s

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We really love coffee here and our special Hobo Brew “Sacred Ground” is Fair Trade, full of flavour and heaven sent…

We also officially make the best Flat White in Jesmond, grab a staff member and let them knock your socks off!

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Any Hobo worth their weight knows the difference between a good meal and a GREAT meal. Here at Holy Hobo, we’ve spent countless nights at the drawing board to handcraft the most scrumptious food menu you’ll find this side of the planet.

Sourced locally where possible, our high-quality fresh ingredients shine through and showcase the beauty that is Holy Hobo’s food. Personified as the ‘100’ emoji, our food will take you on a journey that would blow even the most hard-boiled Hobo away and help you find a new belief.

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Whether you’re hankering for a cocktail that tastes like a Toblerone out of a whiskey glass or a Martini that awakens your taste buds to the sensation of a Chocolate Raspberry Bakewell, Holy Hobo will elevate you to a new level and question how cocktails can taste this good.

Some of the best drinks you’ll ever witness are crafted right before your eyes in our bar. All served with top-notch liquor and served with style.

Giving Back

Our Company believes in treating all people fairly. Our vision has taken us all over the world to source the best ingredients for our high-quality spirits. We believe that all the people involved, in every stage of the process, should be treated equally.

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